Everything You Need To Start Selling Home Plans

Whether you are selling through our network of websites or through another home plan reseller, we can set you up to start selling home plans the right way.

Everything you need to send to resellers in a ZIP file. This includes Renderings, Stripped Floor Plans, Stripped Elevations & Data Sheets


3D Renderings

Increase Sales By Showing Your Home Design In Style

We are selling a product and there is no better way to sell a product than to show them exactly what they are getting. 

Our 3D Renderings allow future home-owners to visualize themselves standing in-front of their newly built home.

Check Out Our Renderings Page For Pricing And Details

Floor Plans & Elevations

We Make Floor Plans & Elevations Consumable

When you shop for a product online, do you need to know every detail on how it was built? Neither do future-home owners. In fact, this quite be quite confusing to them.

Making floor plans and elevations simple and easily consumable is key in selling home plans online. 

We strip them of unnecessary lines and details while highlighting important attributes such as room names. We also fill in the walls, provide context and even add color to make different types of rooms stand out within floor plans. 

Data Sheet With API Access

Providing The Right Data To Resellers

We provide you with a data sheet that includes all necessary information, allowing you to simply submit the plans to Resellers. 

Home Plan Resellers need to know what they are selling. Even though the data is provided in the CAD file, it can be quite tedious to go through every detail of every plan.

Hence why most resellers require data sheets to start selling plans on their websites. This data including roof pitch, bedrooms, bathrooms, siding, foundations, structural details and more.

As an added bonus we lend a helping hand to other resellers by giving them access to our API. This allows them to consume the data without having to manually enter it into their systems. Getting your plans up faster!


Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the top FAQ’s here, if you would like to find out more please using the search in the menu bar or go to the FAQ page.

Want to speak to a person? Feel free to contact us and we will be delighted to help.

Do I Need A Rendering?

Most Resellers prefer to have renderings. We are selling a product and the best way to do so is by showing it in its best light.

Elevations without renderings are not accepted by Lesuto Technologies, Inc.


Can I Use A Photo Instead Of A Rendering?

Photos are accepted among many resellers including us!

Ensure that the photo includes landscaping, if possible, and avoids large objects and tree’s obstructing the view.


What Is The Turnaround Time?

We can typically get these completed in less than 10 business days, depending on how many changes are requested during the approval process.

What Are The Benefits To A Colored Floor Plan?

Although not required, colored floor plans tend to have much more traction when sharing across social media and other outlets.

It is another great way to make your plans stand out to future home-owners.


What Do I Need To Get Started?

A full set of home plans are required for home plan sales.

To get a plan package ready we will need:

  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • Roof Framing Plans 

What Is An API?

In short, our API allows for resellers to pull all necessary home plan information without having to manually type in the information into a form.