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Earn 15% Commission With No Cost To You


Publishers – Realtors – Brokers – Contractors – Developers


64% Of Future Home Owners Are Interested In New Construction

903,000 Single-Family Homes Built In The US In 2019

Sell Over 2700 Home Plans Through Your Website. With New Plans Automatically Uploaded Weekly


100% Free, All Technology Provided And Can Be Installed In Under 30 Minutes

Seamlessly Integrated E-Commerce

We give businesses a fully integrated E-Commerce Platform preloaded with products that are ready to sell earning them a commission.

This also provides Native Content for users to enjoy, search engines to pick up, and of course a new stream of revenue.

Build A New Revenue Pipeline 

Sell A Home Plan

When you sell a home plan you earn a commission for that sale but it also opens up a new pipeline of revenue.

Sell A Property

Once a home plan is sold, brokers and realtors can pair a property with the home plan, expanding the sale and helping the customer build their next home.

Sell The Leads

Now that they are ready to build, give your clients a running start by sending them to reputable businesses. Businesses that are more than willing to pay a percentage of their profits for the lead!

This includes General Contractors, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Pool Designers, and more!

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Redirecting Traffic

Keep Your Web Traffic


There seems to be a self-perpetuating circle of advertising out there today.

Businesses pay for advertising to get visitors onto their website and recoup that investment by redirecting users away from their website through Ads and Affiliate marketing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to keep the visitors on your website so you can continue to monetize and increase in the rankings?


With our E-Commerce platform, there are no redirects. All products and user actions such as checkout are done directly through your website.

Instead of losing visitors to another business, you gain increased customer retention, increase in growth as they invite their peers, increased customer satisfaction, and a new source of increased revenue.

The Rise Of AdBlockers


AdBlockers are free, easy to use, and provide unmatched convenience when browsing online. It is no wonder how their usage is growing each day.

Those who rely on Banner Advertising will continue to feel the impact as these tools get smarter and more prevalent.

Which leaves businesses with three not so great options and one solution.  Either turn visitors away if they don’t shut it off, take a loss, try and charge a subscription or monetize through Native Content.

An E-Commerce platform built into your website provides revenue-generating Native Content that users enjoy and it is unaffected by Ad Blocking technology. 

Try out this free Ad Blocker on your website and see what difference it makes.

Adobe PageFair AdBlocker Usage Graph

We Handle It All For you

Taking The Complexity Out Of E-Commerce

Automated Inventory

Inventory is completed managed by our team and partners. 

When a new product is uploaded, edited or removed, it will automatically reflect on your website.

Customer Handling

We handle all customer interactions, allowing you to focus on your business.

This includes inquries, shipping & printing, modifications and sales.


Software Development

Our team will deploy the platform onto your website free of charge.

Our code is based in the cloud which allows us to add features, fix bugs and provide better customer experience without having to modify your website.

Sales Processing

Simply collect a paycheck each month that you make sales.

Our integration comes with a checkout module that allows us to handle all of the intricacies of  finances including returns and  payouts to suppliers.



Security Is Top Of Mind

Safe Payment Processing & Storage

All Credit Card information is sent to Stripe before it touches our backend.

Stripe is a vetted company that is recommended by Facebook. You can find out more about them at Stripe.com 

Untouched Infrastructure

Our deployment is designed to integrate within your front end code.

Your sensitive data, databases, network & servers remain secure as we do not require access.


AWS Secure

All of our databases and infrastructure lie safely in the cloud through Amazon Web Services.

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